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Air Conditioning Replacement in Des Moines, IA

Does your existing AC require frequent and expensive repair work? Are you tired of paying your hard-earned money to keep the air conditioner running? Does your old system’s inefficient cooling frustrate you? Then it’s time to get rid of that air conditioner and replace it with a new unit.

At Golden Rule Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we offer excellent air conditioning replacement services throughout the Des Moines, IA area. We can see to it that your new system is carefully installed so that it works well for many years to come. When your existing cooling system needs to be quickly swapped out for a replacement model, you can depend on our speed and effective services. Call us today to schedule your air conditioning replacement.

The HVAC experts at Golden Rule Plumbing, Heating & Cooling offer quality air conditioning replacement services throughout the Des Moines, IA area.

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Signs That You Need Air Conditioning Replacement

An air conditioner that received a quality original installation and regular annual maintenance can last 15–20 years. However, aging components and stress will eventually cause the unit to decline to the point where continuing with repairs is no longer cost–effective and the best option is to replace the system. Here are some of the signs to watch for that will tell you that the time has arrived for your home’s AC.

  • High cooling bills: You should have a good idea of how much it costs each year to keep your home comfortable using the air conditioner. When those costs begin to rise without explanation and continue to rise despite repairs and maintenance, it is likely that the AC is beyond the point where it will ever regain its cooling efficiency and needs to be replaced.
  • Expensive repairs: Air conditioning systems, on average, need the most repairs during the last two years of their service lives. When repairs become more common for your AC, you should start considering replacing it—especially if any single repair would cost half of the price to replace the unit. Also, should repairs rise above $500 a year, you are better off replacing the whole system.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Air Conditioner

You may wish to replace your current air conditioner even if it is still functioning well because of some of the excellent upgrades you’ll receive with a newer system. Contact our specialists to hear about some of the options for AC upgrades if you are interested in these benefits:

  • Increased energy efficiency: The technology of air conditioners is rapidly advancing, and new units have better energy efficiency today thanks to leaps in such things as refrigerant blends. A new air conditioning system will start saving you money as soon as you turn it on for the first time. You can also opt for special high–efficiency units with variable–speed fans. A geothermal system is one of the finest ways to gain energy efficiency, and you’ll benefit the environment as well.
  • Greater convenience: If you switch to a ductless air conditioning system, you can save money while enjoying increased convenience with cooling for your home. A ductless system allows you to control which rooms in your home receive air conditioning and which ones don’t.

For Air Conditioning Replacement in Des Moines, IA, Call Golden Rule Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

Replacing any air conditioning system is a large task—but it will go smoothly when you contact Golden Rule Plumbing, Heating & Cooling to handle the work. Trust our skilled team to size the replacement system so that it provides the right level of comfort for your household without draining excess power. Our technicians will see that you have a quality installation, and we back that up with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us today for AC replacement service in the Des Moines area.