Why Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance Is So Important

March 18th, 2019

air-conditioning-manometer-pressure-refrigerantThis week is the official start of spring! (Sound the trumpets.) It’s true this doesn’t mean we automatically get warmer weather, but it does signal that it’s time to start making preparations for when the warm weather at last settles in for a few months—and occasionally turns to hot weather. A crucial step in these preparations is to call up your local expert HVAC technicians (that would be us!) and tell them you want to have your annual air conditioning tune-up and inspection.

We offer Gold Club Membership to make maintenance easy for you. With a single plan, you’ll have maintenance each year for your air conditioning, heating, and plumbing. Right now we’re going to focus on the air conditioning since spring is the time to have this job done.

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What Is a Reverse Osmosis System? Do I Need One?

March 4th, 2019

filter-systemWe offer service to install a variety of water treatment systems, such as filters, purifiers, and conditioners. One of the most powerful water treatment systems we can install in local homes is a reverse osmosis system. If you have concerns about issues with the quality of your drinking water or hardness in your water, a reverse osmosis system may be part of the solution.

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Why We Wish They Weren’t Called “Garbage Disposals”

February 18th, 2019

faucet-kitchen-modern-runningThe garbage disposal is such a common part of modern kitchen plumbing that few people can imagine life without one. And they probably can’t imagine calling a garbage disposal anything else. But ask almost any plumber, and you’ll hear complaints about the name of this piece of kitchen plumbing. We agree: we don’t like the name “garbage disposal” at all because it causes too many misunderstandings among homeowners that can lead to damage to the plumbing system.

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When Good Thermostats Go Bad: A Cautionary Tale

February 4th, 2019

technician-testing-thermostatThis is a story about how an apparently simple part of an HVAC system, one often overlooked, can create all sorts of trouble for heating in a home. Although a cautionary story, it’s one you can easily avoid if you have a bit of knowledge—and access to a great HVAC expert in your area. You’ve already got the second part taken care of, since you only need to call our team for great professional heating in West Des Moines, IA. We’ll see that your heating story has a happy ending.

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Mid-Winter Heating System Woes—There’s Help!

January 21st, 2019

cold-man-with-thermostatThere’s a good reason Shakespeare wrote a play titled A Midsummer Night’s Dream and not A Midwinter Night’s Dream. Midwinter can be a stressful time for handling a house, and one of the biggest concerns—a Midwinter’s Nightmare, if you like—is losing heating all together. There are also the smaller concerns of losing heating power so the house is still receiving heat, but there are cold spots and people can’t warm up enough, no matter how the thermostat is set.

We can remove the stress of the midwinter heating woes: we offer 24-hour service for heating in Des Moines, IA and throughout the Des Moines and Grimes Metro Areas. Please don’t attempt to go DIY on a heater problem, especially a gas-powered heater. You’ll stay safe and have your heating restored quickly when you call on our HVAC professionals.

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Signs of Hard Water in Your Home’s Plumbing

January 7th, 2019

water-softenerOne of the most common plumbing problems for homes in a city is hard water. Hard water is water with a high solution of minerals suspended in it, particularly magnesium and calcium. It’s difficult to prevent these minerals from entering the water, since they seep through groundwater and into the freshwater pipes on the way to homes. Standard municipal treatment doesn’t eliminate that. There is a good chance your home’s water hardness may be too high.

The good news is hard water isn’t harmful to your health. You ingest many of those minerals in the food you eat every day.

The bad news is hard water is terrible for your plumbing, appliances, hygiene, dishes, and clothes. If your water has too many hard water minerals, we recommend you get a water softener in Des Moines, IA.

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Should I Schedule Maintenance If My Heater Is Struggling?

December 24th, 2018

cold-man-grips-radiatorIt’s no fun to have a heating system like a furnace start to experience trouble keeping up with your comfort demands during the winter. It might even be dangerous. When you notice a heater that’s starting to fall behind, or is making odd noises and other signs of issues, you might think, “Time to get this thing tuned-up with some routine maintenance.”

This isn’t how maintenance works, however! When you believe you have a heater that’s in trouble, what you need is a professional to repair it.

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YouTube Won’t Make You a Plumber!

December 10th, 2018

man-at-computerYouTube has made many tasks easier and can bring different parts of the world right into your home. For example, imagine you’re a writer who wants to set part of a new book in the Languedoc region of France. You can’t travel there, but you can load up dozens of videos showing the area, giving you a sense of what it looks like and how it lives in a way still photos can’t.

But you’re not quite an expert in the region. Also, there’s no Languedoc region of France in your home that might break down and make life difficult unless it’s fixed.

This may seem like a ridiculous example, but we’re using it to prove a point, which is: Watching YouTube videos doesn’t turn you into a plumber. You may learn something, but this is a critical part of your house, and watching plumbing videos basically turns you into a plumbing “tourist,” like watching videos of Languedoc, France.

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The Furnace Won’t Start—What’s Up?

November 26th, 2018

cold-sweater-manThis is a situation nobody wants to encounter on a cold winter day or night: turning on the furnace only to have the furnace do nothing. Maybe the blower fans come on, but there’s no warm air coming from the vents. Or maybe even the fans won’t come on.

If your first instinct is to call an HVAC professional to repair the furnace, you’re thinking on the right track. You should never attempt to open up the furnace cabinet to repair the furnace yourself, nor have a non-professional do it.

However, before you call professionals for repairs, we’d like to go over some of the causes of a failed furnace. A few of them are basic troubles you can quickly correct. Once you’ve exhausted those options, it’s time to have the experts in.

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Market leadership about more than bottom line for local HVAC provider

November 15th, 2018

Golden Rule Plumbing, Heating and Cooling is the area’s authority in plumbing and HVAC. Being a market leader, however, is about more than successful business levels of plumbing, heating and cooling. By following life’s golden rule, this company provides world class customer service, making sure that customers benefit from its philosophy of treating others as anyone wants to be treated. As the only truly service-focused plumbing and HVAC company in Des Moines metro, Golden Rule focuses on existing residential homes.

“Our advantage is being able to get to our residential customer quicker,” said Bobby Johnson, sales and marketing manager at Golden Rule Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.

Timely service is critical to homeowners facing a plumbing emergency or a cold home in the dead of winter. The company’s fast response is implemented through its large fleet of service vehicles – more than 30 – and its highly skilled technicians.

Golden Rule further supports its home-owning customers by leading the way with important home systems maintenance. Annual maintenance boosts safety and peace of mind, reducing repair costs and extending the life of heating and cooling equipment.

“Maintenance helps get the most out of your system,” said Johnson. “We have the best and cheapest annual maintenance plan at $99.”

Extending the golden rule philosophy to employees has landed Golden Rule among Des Moines’ most respected places to work. This company has been repeatedly recognized as one of the area’s top employers.

“Golden Rule is a great place to work because we live the golden rule, even offering employee perks and benefits that are unheard of including guaranteed paid time and whole family paid insurance,” said Johnson.

Golden Rule employees enjoy access to all Des Moines offers including concerts, sports and events thanks to relationships the company has built with respected advertising partners. Johnson said that being aligned with major brands including KCCI and Hy-Vee, market leaders in their own industries, is a huge honor for Golden Rule. The company is proud that these partnerships help it give back and assist many area residents in need.

“For four years, we have partnered with KCCI and Hy-Vee to sponsor Scan Away Hunger through Hope Ministries,” said Johnson. “This is a huge way we give back to our community by supporting our homeless and those in need through this food drive that generates food and monetary donations.”

By keeping life’s golden rule in mind, Golden Rule has built a successful, marketing-leading business offering outstanding service for homeowners, a great work environment for employees and important support for the local community.

Golden Rule Plumbing, Heating & Cooling can extend its leadership to any home owner with plumbing and HVAC needs. To learn more or schedule a service, visit http://www.goldenrulephc.com/ or call (888) 986-2424.

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