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Planning a New HVAC System Installation? Include Zone Controls!

Fall is approaching, even though the summer heat may make it still seem far away. This is a good season to arrange for replacing an old HVAC system with a new, energy efficient one. Not only does the mild weather mean you won’t have to worry much about extreme temperature conditions during the brief period when you won’t have heating or cooling, but this is also a time of the year when HVAC technicians have less crammed schedules. If you start thinking about a new installation now, you’ll have no problem arranging for a convenient replacement appointment during the early fall.

Here’s something we definitely recommend you consider as part of any new HVAC system installation: zone controls.

What Are Zone Controls?

They are a way to control which parts of a house receive heating and cooling. If you have a ductless mini-split heat pump in your house, then you already have zone control because each air handler can be turned on or off independently of the others.

But if your house is like most, it uses ductwork to distribute heated and cooled air. This means that whenever the heater or AC turns on, conditioned air goes to every room vent, whether space needs comfort control or not. This is where adding zone controls is a huge help.

Zone controls for central AC and heaters consist of a series of dampers fitted into the ducts. The dampers shut off the flow of air to particular rooms (or “zones”). Local thermostats in each zone control the dampers, and a central control panel manipulates all the zones as well as reduces the amount of work the AC and heater performs. The HVAC system will consume less energy because it only needs to heat and cool rooms that are occupied. Plus, people in the household can operate the local thermostats to adjust the temperature to their liking, without affecting the other rooms.

If you want a service provider who will treat your home like their own, call Golden Rule Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today. We offer service to West Des Moines, IA, including installing new HVAC systems with zone control systems.