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Humidifier and Dehumidifier Services in Des Moines, IA

Hot and humid during the summer and dry and cold during the winter, Iowa is not a stranger to extreme weather shifts during the year, and residents of the area know how important it is to keep their homes comfortable year–round with a whole–house heating and cooling system. But temperature alone does not make for good indoor air quality. The quality of the air that you breathe also relies upon the level of humidity in the air. Whether your home needs to be humidified or dehumidified, we offer a range of products whose installation can improve your indoor air quality year–round. You can count on Golden Rule Plumbing, Heating & Cooling for all of your humidifier and dehumidifier services in Des Moines, IA.

Since 1999, we have been taking care of our customers with excellent workmanship, courteous customer service, and the technical expertise and experience of our qualified Des Moines, IA humidifier and dehumidifier technicians. A new humidifier and/or dehumidifier can do wonders for the air that you breathe. We offer upfront pricing on our services so that you know exactly what you’re getting and what you’re spending. Moreover, we back up our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Let us find a solution to your humidity problem. Call us today for excellent humidifier and dehumidifier service in Des Moines, IA, including installation, replacement, repair and maintenance.

The Des Moines, IA humidifier and dehumidifier experts at Golden Rule Plumbing, Heating & Cooling offer quality installation, replacement, repair and maintenance services throughout the Des Moines area.

What Type of Humidity Control Do You Need?

Whether your indoor air is predominantly dry or humid, we offer both humidifiers and dehumidifiers for installation in your HVAC system. While there many portable humidity control devices available at your local hardware store, they cannot compare to a whole–house unit, which affects the humidity level of the entire home. One of the downsides of a forced–air distribution system is that it tends to dry the air out further in the winter, while doing little to remediate the humidity in the summer.

Dry air is a nuisance. Not only does it make the air more difficult to breathe when the humidity level is particularly low, but it can also dry out wooden furniture, doors, moldings, and painted surfaces in the long–term. A humidifier is an excellent solution. By allowing you to boost your humidity during the winter months, your home will be that much more comfortable. Humid air is similarly irritating. It can lead to the growth of mold and mildew throughout the home, and can make the air stuffy and stale. During the summer, when humidity and heat combine to produce uncomfortable indoor air, a dehumidifier makes a great solution. Let us take care of your humidifier and dehumidifier services in Des Moines, IA.

The Benefits of Whole-House Humidifiers During Winter

People often think about comfort as having only to do with the temperature inside. But humidity is a major part of comfort. Dry conditions are common in a chilly winter because more moisture is drawn from the air because of ice and snow. Natural gas furnaces can contribute to drier conditions as well because they draw on indoor air for combustion, and the air deficit causes the dry outdoor air to flow in.

Whole house humidifiers can be the solution to combat these dry conditions. This device is integrated into the ventilation system and places moisture into the circulating air. The right humidifier will balance humidity in the ideal zone of 30% to 50% relative humidity.

Why are humidifiers essential during the winter?

  • Easier to keep warm: Think of the humidity in the air like it was an extra layer of clothing. It works in essentially the same way: it slows down the release of heat from your body. On cold winter days, balanced humidity makes a house feel around 8°F warmer.
  • Save on heating: A humidifier can make the difference in whether you feel warm enough to turn on the furnace or other heating systems. You’ll run the heater less frequently with a humidifier helping everyone stay more comfortable.
  • Cut down on colds and flus: The spread of illness is much easier in dry conditions. Arid weather causes mucus and sinus membranes to dry up, which remove a major obstacle against the transmission of cold and flu germs. When the humidity is balanced, people’s defense against getting sick is stronger.
  • Stops damage to furnishings: Balanced humidity stops the damaging effects of dry air on wood and painted surfaces. You won’t have to deal with cracked wood along valuable items and furniture or peeling paint.
  • None of that annoying static electricity: You might not think of static electricity as a major annoyance—but wouldn’t it be nice not to have it around?

Don’t try to use portable humidifiers to deal with dry household air. These small humidifiers are effective for an infant’s room, but not much else. They don’t affect the whole house and they aren’t easy to control to reach an ideal humidity balance. Call our indoor air quality experts instead, and they’ll install a great whole-house humidifier (as well as a dehumidifier if you need one for summer).

Why Professional Humidifier and Dehumidifier Services are Important

Make sure that your humidifier or dehumidifier installation or repair service in Des Moines, PA is taken care of by a professional so that it works well for years. When you work with Golden Rule Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we make sure that your home has everything it needs to stay at optimal humidity year–round. Our humidifier and dehumidifier technicians are experts at providing solutions and we always aim to please. Call us today to speak to one of our friendly staff members about your indoor air quality concerns.

Call (515) 305-2955 for humidifier and dehumidifier service in the Des Moines & Grimes Metro area.

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